Tailor Made Products

Galil Laboratories offers its clients a wide variety of cosmetic products. Our products are meant to do more than beautify – they are also there to treat and provide care.

We have the knowledge and expertise to formulate, produce and brand products in any of the following lines:

  • Cosmetics

  • Hair care

  • Body care

  • Dead Sea products

  • Anti-Aging

  • Toilette and bath

  • Massage

  • SPA

Ceramide. Our new hair-care line

It is well known that hair is subject to disastrous effects on a daily basis. The weather, be it sun, dry air or humidity, sweet and salt water exposure and the ever present pollution, deprives the hair of its natural strength, flexibility and glamour.

After laborious research and a comprehensive study of the natural properties of the rich herbal world of the Galilee, we found Ceramide. The series is based on new and unique formulas combining the Ceramide ingredient, enhanced with natural oils and essential vitamins. Stunning results for every hair type.






For more details visit Ceramide at: http://www.cocochoco-ceramide.com

Outstanding Dead Sea Products - Balsam Tree line

Face & body creams, liquid soaps, masks, shampoos – we offer a complete range of care products enriched with the legendary minerals of the Dead Sea. Combining dedication to quality with meticulous service to our clients all over the world, Galil Laboratories has earned itself a place at the forefront of the Dead Sea products industry. 

SHEBA 100% Natural Ingredients

A part of GL’s vision is to create harmony between nature and cosmetics, thus fulfilling its obligation to provide its customers with unique items, produced with natural ingredients which were extracted in ways that conserved their qualities. Meet SHEBA, hair-care products based 100% on natural ingredients.





Salina Dead Sea products

SALINA Dead Sea Renewal Treatment includes a wide range of products with innovative developments:

  • Facial Care & Anti-Aging.

  • Body & SPA.

  • Hair Treatments.

In recent years, the Dead Sea has evolved into the world's greatest natural source of raw materials for facial, hair and body skin care.​

The exceptional composition of SALINA Dead Sea Treatment with the D+S effect allows them to penetrate the skin more deeply without irritation.​

This directly enriches and stimulates the skin with essential minerals, rapidly giving it a better tone and natural radiance.

For more details visit Ceramide at: http://www.salina-dead-sea.com/

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