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Galil’s Specialty

A part of Galil Laboratories’ vision is to create harmony between the green and cosmetics, thus fulfilling its obligation to provide its customers with unique items, produced with natural ingredients which were extracted in ways that conserved their qualities. As part of this obligation, GL collaborates with the agriculture research institution, the ARO – Agricultural Research Organization, a part of the Volcanic Center campus.

This collaboration, headed by Professor Nativ Dudai who is known for years of scientific published work in medicinal plants, was formed with the purpose of developing unique plants in a designated agricultural compound, near the GL facility. GL, using its advanced machinery, produces new compounds and oils from these new plants and herbs, exclusively researches and develops these plants, and aids Prof. Dudai and his team in determining each plant’s benefits to the cosmetics industry. This collaboration allows GL customers to have full exclusivity on their formulas and final products, as they are all developed by the scientists of the ARO and GL.       

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