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About Us

Galil Laboratories

Since 2007, Galil Laboratories has been a beacon of excellence in crafting custom-made professional beauty products, harmonizing scientific expertise with natural resources.

Our holistic solutions encompass everything from formulating initial blends and selecting premium materials to innovative production methods, unwavering Quality Assurance, and impeccable branding and packaging. Our hallmark lies in unmatched flexibility, adapting to diverse budgets while maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality.

This ability to tailor products to precise needs has drawn esteemed professionals to join the GL family, a synergy of skilled chemists, technicians, marketers, and managers. Trusted by leading global cosmetic brands, our products grace European and North American markets, adhering to international standards as we strive for beauty beyond borders.


To learn more about our factory certifications and our commitment to quality, visit Link Text.

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