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Business Relations

From A to Z, formula to container, Galil laboratories provides all-around great solutions for private label production, ensuring quality beauty and care products.

Creating a new cosmetics product "from scratch" is a laborious process that must be completed within a given timeframe and under budgetary limitations to ensure customer satisfaction. As a flexible, innovative manufacturer, Galil Laboratories provides its clients with cutting edge solutions for their production needs. From the moment the work begins we guide our client through the entire process, ensuring quality production and adhering to any special instructions and limitations.

We warmly welcome collaborations with vendors and distributers from around the world, ensuring the best service to our clients and full compliance within the boundaries of the client's product base, time and budget. We are proud of our flexible attitude, which allows us to supply each and every one of our customers with the designated product they want, guaranteeing the best quality available, a speedy but thorough production process and professional marketing advice and brand design.

As part of our ongoing relations with our clients, we continue our support after delivery, informing our clients of any technological advancement and we invite them to new line reveals and international exhibitions.

Product Creation Process - from the first idea to the warehouse

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